She’s Abstract

September 10th, 2018 - January 9th, 2019

Opening Reception: September 27th, 6-8pm

The Broad: 209 N. Foushee Street, Floor 3, Richmond, VA 23220

This show comments on the abstraction of women in society while connecting the works of various abstract artists. Abstract works, usually lacking distinct figurative subjects, provide viewers with ample opportunity to explore and define the art in their own minds. Historically, women were viewed with a similar lens, but this no longer works. Women may appear abstract, but can take the reins and explain themselves to the world as they demonstrate how they would like to been seen.

Thank you to the above below Virginia women artists for sharing their works with us and giving us the opportunity to view their pieces through our own perspectives.

Selected Works By:

Fluid Acrylic Paintings: Shaylen Broughton

Acrylic on Wood Panels: Dari Calamari

Oil Paintings: Whitney Knapp Bowditch

Ballpoint Pen on Paper: Wingchow

Textile Works + Watercolors: Angel Graves

Summer Through Her Eyes

June 4th - September 5th, 2018

Private opening Reception: June 21st, 2018 6-8Pm

The Broad: 209 N. Foushee Street, Floor 3, Richmond, VA, 23220


With this show we want you to experience the essence of summer: the feeling of a gentle breeze against your warm sun-kissed skin, the sound of the waves in the background and the smell of the salty air. As you move through the rooms in the space, each section encapsulates those feelings in their own unique way. Whether you find yourself at the ocean, a lake, or the James River, go ahead and dip your toe in, the water is fine.

Many thanks to these local Virginia women artists for sharing their works with us and letting us experience this long awaited season through their perspectives. 


Selected Works By:

Oil + Acrylic Paintings: Sophie Treppendahl

Resin Paintings: Austin Warner

Photography: Poochie Collins

Oil Paintings: Stacey Reece

Macro Photography of Resin Art: Jann Edmondson

Acrylic Paintings: Alex Marini

Oil Paintings: Jessica Smith


Pastimes: Her Present.

February 2, 2018- May 31, 2018

Private Reception: Friday, February 2nd & First Fridays through May: 6-9pm

The Broad: 209 N. Foushee Street, Floor 3, Richmond, VA, 23220



A woman’s place. Where we were then and where we are today looks very different in many lights. This exhibition reflects upon pastimes but with a modern twist. While once considered a source of entertainment or hobby - these 5 female artists show us how a return to pastimes turned into their livelihood.

Many thanks to these local Virginia women for their revival of great art forms and breathing new and refreshing life into them.


Selected Works By:

Wall Weavings + French Knot Pieces: Kate Koconis

Mixed Media Collages: Nikki Galapon

Cake-Like Confections: Ynes Bouck

Woven Blanket: Justine McFarland

Quilts: Barbara Skolaut